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Small & surprising ways to save money & the planet
Saving the planet and saving money often go hand in hand. Here are some small steps you can take to achieve both.
Prostate cancer survivor urges families to make sure men get tested
Mervyn Griffiths was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago. He says that with the support of his family, he was never afraid.
How to shop responsibly this Black Friday
Black Friday brings with it the promise of super savings, but also the threat of bottoming out your bank balance. Here’s how to make sure you get the best out of the Black.
Cancer survivor tells all men: Don’t neglect your health
Waheed Vadi was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that he and his GP almost overlooked. His message to men is that they shouldn’t neglect their health and their bodies.
Where to go to fund your start-up business
Business idea? Check. Business plan? Got it! Now you just need the funding. Here is a list of organisations you can approach for business funding.
The testicular cancer patient who was “lucky” to feel pain
Marc Curlewis was diagnosed with testicular cancer after he started experiencing pain. But testicular cancer isn’t usually painful, so all men should examine themselves regularly.
There is life after a prostate cancer diagnosis
A retired prostate cancer survivor has a message for all men: get diagnosed BEFORE you start having symptoms – early detection will help you beat prostate cancer.
These are the expenses your medical aid won't cover
Your medical aid doesn’t pay for every type of medical expense you may incur. Here are some of the other financial products you may need.
Is your 1Life policy up to date?
Did you know it’s important to review your 1Life policy every year? Use this downloadable checklist to make short work of this year’s update.
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