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Tips for successful claims
We’ve got all the info you need to make sure your 1Life insurance claim is paid quickly.
Can I take a loan against my 1Life policy?
We examine what you can take a loan against and explain why a life insurance policy cannot be used for loans.
Here are the cheapest heaters to run this winter
We look at what heaters are available in South Africa, how much they cost to run and which is the most cost efficient.
Fun fitness events in your city for the whole family
There’s more to family fitness than a family gym membership. Here are some fun and fabulous fitness options your kids will be eager to do.
Vaccination - myths and facts
Vaccination prevents a dangerous childhood disease. Know the myths and facts about this life-saving medical intervention.
10 hacks for keeping kids healthy
10 health hacks to keep your children in tip top health with winter around the corner.
3 easy sums to help you understand your finances
We show you three simple must-have financial calculations to help you manage your money well.
10 rules for raising happy kids after divorce
It is possible to raise healthy, happy kids after divorce by following some good parenting (and co-parenting) guidelines. A social worker gives advice.
Why you should hold on to your cover if you are under debt review
We find out why it’s so important to keep your life cover if you’re under debt review.
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