Generational wealth

Do you want to leave your family better off than you were? If you answered yes, then you are taking the first step towards building generational wealth! Who knows, it might become a lasting financial legacy for your family. Generational wealth is family wealth that is passed down from generation to generation, with each generation inheriting the family assets. You can create generational wealth by taking small steps such as saving for a deposit and buying a family property, taking out a life insurance policy or saving a small amount each month! Every step you take builds the wealth your children will one day inherit. Want to learn more about generational wealth and how to create and preserve it? You’ve come to the right place!  Read on and let us show you how it can start with you, today! 




What is generational wealth and why it is important

Could your family benefit from generational wealth? Yes! Family wealth, big or small, gives your children, and theirs, a head start in life and the chance to start their lives off debt free, get a good education, buy a family home or even start their own business. Learn more about the benefits of generational wealth plus we look at two South African stories to show how generational wealth really works and how if you put those small steps into practice, building generational wealth can start with you.



How to create generational wealth

Ready to start building your family’s wealth so your children and theirs can inherit? You can start by improving your financial knowledge and teaching your children good money values. You can also create generational wealth by taking out life insurance, investing in the stock market or property, or building a business to pass down to your children. For students, completing your tertiary education and excelling in your chosen field is the first step towards creating family wealth.



How to preserve generational wealth

The family money your children inherit could be spent in a year – or it could last them a lifetime and be passed onto their children! That’s true generational wealth. If you take steps to preserve your financial legacy such as making a will, taking care of the family home and other investments and teaching your children about money and how to spend it wisely, family money can benefit many generations.