My 1Life policy

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My 1Life policy
Cutting costs might be essential, but so is your life insurance. We look at why insurance is so important and the consequences of not paying your premiums or cancelling your policy.

Find answers to questions about updating your policy details and claiming on your life, disability, dread disease and funeral policies.

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Did you know it’s important to review your 1Life policy every year? Use this downloadable checklist to make short work of this year’s update.

My 1Life Policy

When you buy a policy, your life insurer asks specific medical questions. Find out why answering them accurately is important.

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Completing a financial needs analysis can show how much long-term insurance you need and avoid a situation where you are under- or over-insured

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Claiming on your 1Life policy has never been this easy, trust us. We show you how.

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You know exactly when your life insurance premium will be increased. For the first five years, you will also know by exactly how much.

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Knowing your family medical history helps you manage conditions better, and is essential for your insurer to assess risk.

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When you submit a claim to your insurer, make sure you understand and follow the rules and there should be no problems or delays

Understanding your policy schedule, and ensuring that all the information is correct will ensure that any claim is paid out without delay.