My 1Life policy

My 1Life policy
We look at life insurance and find out what it does and does not cover.

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We take you through the claims process, starting with knowing what policies are in place and where they are kept, right up to how to spend a claim pay-out.

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We’ve got all the info you need to make sure your 1Life insurance claim is paid quickly.

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We examine what you can take a loan against and explain why a life insurance policy cannot be used for loans.

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We find out why it’s so important to keep your life cover if you’re under debt review.

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We examine all the ins, outs, dos and don’ts of adding members to your funeral policy and beneficiaries to your life policy

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Learn what happens to your insurance policies in retirement, and why you still need cover when you retire.

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A change in lifestyle or an increase in debt could mean that you need to review your life and disability cover to make sure it still meets your family’s needs.

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Get to know the differences between accidental death benefits and life cover policies, and why it is so important to take your HIV test.

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Need a reason to hold on to your insurance? We’ve got three! Read our latest blog and find out why keeping your cover is so important.