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Adding a member or beneficiary to your policy
We examine all the ins, outs, dos and don’ts of adding members to your funeral policy and beneficiaries to your life policy
We compare stokvels and bank accounts
We look at which is a better way to save and compare stokvels and savings accounts.
Real life stories of living with autism
Parenting an autistic child comes with unique challenges. Early diagnosis and intervention can make all the difference.
Questions you should ask when investing in ETFs
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) allow you to build a diversified portfolio without breaking the bank. These are the questions to ask when investing.
5 health hacks for gorgeous skin
Get your skin glowing and gorgeous with these five skincare hacks that you can easily do at home.
Don’t be fooled by promises of high investment returns
In a low-return environment, any investment offer of double-digit returns sounds appealing. But before you invest, ask a few critical questions.
Tips for securing a home at little or no cost
Whether or not you have a security system installed, you can take these simple steps to improve your home security at little or no cost.
Need help dealing with a snoring partner?
Are you keeping your partner – or yourself – awake at night with your snoring? Here are some of the standard – and less usual – solutions for your affliction.
We compare food prices at leading retailers
Would finding out that you could pay R6 less for milk change your shopping habits? Find out which supermarket came out cheapest in our recent comparison.
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