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How to beat diabetes
Diabetes type 2 is a lifestyle disease, which means it is largely preventable. Here are the steps you should take to protect you and your family.
Male cancers – Check yourself or get checked
Early detection of prostate and testicular cancer can save your life. Learn how to check yourself or get checked for these male-type cancers.
Do adults really need to get vaccinated?
The recommended vaccination schedule doesn’t necessarily stop after childhood. Find out what adult vaccinations you should be considering.
How play will make your kid smarter
Play is the work of childhood, but children have fewer and fewer opportunities to play. Here’s how to introduce play back into your child’s life.
Where to find affordable medical care
There are more affordable ways to get medical care… you just have to know where to look.
Signs that you might be having a stroke
Learn to spot the signs and symptoms of a stroke so that you can seek medical care as soon as possible.
Finding my breast cancer early saved my life
A breast cancer survivor shares the story of how she found her lump quite by accident – and how the discovery saved her life.
Online shopping really does save you time and money
Online shopping is safe and convenient. And if you do your research right, it can save you a small fortune.
Know the signs of postnatal depression and psychosis
10 to 15% of South African women will be affected by postnatal depression. Here’s how to identify the condition and seek help.
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