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A proud track record of partnering with all classes of financial advisers and brokers since 2012

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With innovative sales enablement options for both digital and traditional adviser propositions

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Estate Planning, Risk and Investment products, tailor-made for all client segments, with simplified underwriting and an easy sales process

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Frequently asked questions

1Life has been in operation since 2006.

1Life has evolved over the years from being a direct life insurer to a true multi-distribution insurer, that caters for all classes of financial advisers.

1Life Plan, 1Life’s financial needs analysis takes the clients life stage, affordability and lapse model into account when making recommendations. This helps reduce risk to you and your client knowing what might be best at the given moment in time.

At 1Life we believe in creating digital solutions that enable our IFA partners to conclude business with clients safely, securely and remotely. These digital solutions stretch across our sales, underwriting and claim environments. When you register as a distribution partner with 1Life, you will automatically receive the benefit of the digital solution most suited to your practice.

The 1Life underwriting engine is designed in such a way that it will underwrite the client at point of sale with unique circumstances, provided the client provides us with accurate information. There is no need for full medicals any more. In fact, it’s possible on life, dread disease and disability cover to fully underwrite with no medicals, only limited medical questions and an HIV test (simplified through either a saliva test at the nearest Clicks store, or a visit by a nurse) is needed. The result is straight-through processing and an underwriting process that accepts high numbers of policies on both limited and comprehensive underwriting within 35 minutes.

Our job as insurers and IFAs is to make the journey easier for the client and in the case of funeral and life claims, it means making it easier for their beneficiaries and delivering on our promises to them. Through robotic process automation (RPA), we have enabled a simpler and faster turnaround within our claims process.

  • The contract and rules are built into the system, enabling consistency and speed.
  • The system gathers information from other websites, such as the Department of Home Affairs, where it picks up the notice of death.
  • Limited documentation is needed in order to process a claim and, in most cases, to enable 1Life to finalise payment.

We have a full range of risk products including but not limited to Estate Planning, Life cover, Disability cover, Dread disease cover, Income protectors, Funeral cover and an All Woman product focusing on female related cancers and complications.

Our Investment products are available on the Wealthport LISP, incorporated into our processes and offer a unique combination of unit trusts, ETF’s, structured and guaranteed products, direct offshore investing and retirement products – all on one LISP platform.