Life insurance

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Life insurance
We talk about six things your insurer must do when you buy life cover, and how this protects your rights as a policyholder.

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Talk to your beneficiaries about how your life insurance pay-out should be spent in the event of your death.

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Here’s how to make sure that your minor beneficiaries benefit from your life insurance and their needs are looked after.

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Find out why you must add a life cover beneficiary to your policy – and how to choose one who has your best interests at heart.

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Tips and advice on how to save on life insurance without compromising on the financial protection your family needs against the loss of a breadwinner.

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These are the five most common reasons your family’s life cover claim might be rejected or reduced.

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Read your life insurance contract thoroughly because it contains important conditions that may affect a claim

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Price comparison sites are useful tools but there is more to buying life cover. This is how savvy consumers shop for insurance.


Is a cash back bonus on life insurance actually worth it or is it just another marketing trick? We investigate.

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When times are tough, life insurance is often the first thing to go. But this is a risky financial decision, because reinstating life insurance later can be an expensive business.