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Proven ways to reduce your water and electricity bill
What are the best ways to save on water and electricity consumption? We cut through the myths to bring you the facts.
How to beat anxiety at work
South Africans are stressed out – and work stresses them out most of all. Here’s how to get your workplace stress under control.
5 cheaper and healthier alternatives to everyday items in your trolley
Trying to keep the spiralling costs of food under control? These food swaps will save you money AND keep you healthier.
Breast cancer - are you at risk?
One in 28 women in South Africa will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Knowing your risk factors can help you to be aware and diagnose early.
Myths and facts about cash-back bonuses
Some life insurance companies offer cash-back bonuses. Sounds like a great deal? There are some drawbacks.
Keep your children safe from trafficking
It’s any parent’s worst nightmare that their child goes missing. Here’s what you need to know to keep your child safe.
1Life Funeral Plan: simple, affordable and prepaid!
With 1Life Prepaid Funeral Plan you can benefit from funeral cover without a bank account or regular income! Find out more.
Alcohol: How much is too much?
New research has revealed that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption. How do you decide what’s safe for you?
5 things that you are paying for that you could do yourself
Don’t pay for services you don’t need! Save yourself a packet of money by doing beauty treatments, home repairs and car washes for yourself.
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