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What is The Truth About Money?

Truth about Money is an initiative created by 1Life Insurance to provide easy access to financial literacy for all South Africans. You do not need to be a 1Life Insurance policyholder to access the benefits which are available to all successful online applicants.
Truth About Money is proud to provide an exciting range of financial education courses, including 30 minute short courses for tweens, generational wealth builders and South Africans ready to make the change and learn to live debt free. Our offering also includes debt management services, a wills & estate benefit and a legal assistance benefit.
Through these courses and services, as well as our practical and informative blogs, Truth About Money strives to help South Africans take control of their finances and make informed financial decisions that can change their lives, one step at a time.

Financial education courses

Thousands of South Africans agree that these short courses are a game changer. Now you too can learn the skills you need to take charge of your financial future.

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Choose a course, change your life:

  • Financial Intelligence
  • Generation Wealth
  • Mad Money Skillz - Inside
  • Cash Crunch
  • Ditching Debt

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“This course helped me solve a l ot of my debt problems....I believe it could help all South Africans spend less than they earn.”


Did you say free? Check out our list of services available free of charge to all successful online applicants!

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Apply for the help you need:

  • Wills and estate benefit
  • Debt management services
  • Legal assistance benefit

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Got a few questions?

We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

All South African adults 
All South African citizens that are over the age of 18 and have an ID document will have access to what Truth About Money offers.

Online tools and blog
All South African citizens have unlimited access to our online tools and blog.

Financial education course, debt management & estate management services
All South African citizens can apply for the financial education course, debt management and estate planning services (drafting of a will, trust for minor beneficiaries, winding up of estates) at no charge. All applications will be evaluated based on the clients’ needs, the motivations put forward, as well as available funding in the 1Life Trust.

Truth About Money’s financial education course is available to the following people:

  • Persons from previously and disadvantaged communities
  • People who are in personal financial distress would receive preference, and any other interested person depending on their motivation, subject to The Truth about Money’s available funding.

1Life donates a portion of all premiums to fund the Truth About Money initiative.

  • Who is The Money School and what qualifies them to offer financial education courses?
    The Money School was established in 2012 with a team tallying 12 years’ experience in the financial education industry. The Money School’s Financial Independence course offers individuals the chance to break free from debt and take control of their finances.
  • Who is LAW FOR ALL and what qualifies them to offer legal advice?
    LAW FOR ALL’s mission is simple: to make legal advice affordable and accessible for everyone. Their award-winning team of talented and dependable legal experts will go above and beyond to ensure South Africans have access to justice and that their rights are protected.
  • Who is DebtBusters and what qualifies them to offer debt management services?
    DebtBusters is one of South Africa’s most trusted debt management companies, and is devoted to helping South Africans gain financial stability and solve their debt problems. DebtBusters was established in 2008 and helps 96% of their clients find a workable solution to their debt problems.

If you do not have a Boston City Campus or Business College in your area or you are unable to attend the financial course after being accepted, Truth About Money in conjunction with The Money School, will have nationwide seminars and roadshows throughout the year. To find out when the next seminar is in your area, contact us today.

At Truth About Money we believe that by educating one person about the importance of financial understanding we are paving the way for them to pass on this knowledge to the broader community. We strive to equip South African citizens with the tools and education that will enable them to understand and take control of their finances and debt.

Financial education helps consumers be more aware of available financial services and be more confident about using them. Education is also instrumental in enabling consumers to compare financial products and make effective use and choices of these products. Financial education promotes long-term saving and sound planning for retirement as well as for wiser use of credit. Through this initiative we believe that we will make a change in consumer‘s lives. The fact is that even if we only change one life, we have potentially impacted dozens.

From 1Life’s point of view, we have grown significantly over our years of operation and the brand has gained significant strength in the financial services sector. As a result, we feel that we are in a position, as a responsible insurer, to play our part in initiatives that uplift the broader community. We will endeavour to continue with this project as a long term sustainable offer to all South Africans.

This course has absolutely been a life changer. I have learned the power of saving for the things instead of being a careless spender.