Funeral cover

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Funeral cover
You want your funeral policy claim paid quickly. It starts with choosing a reputable funeral policy broker. We’ve got some tips to follow to help you avoid the scams.

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Your policy schedule contains important information about your insurance contract and its conditions. Make sure you understand it and keep it up to date.

funeral scams

The FSB is acting against fake providers of funeral cover. Educate yourself so you don’t get caught out.

talk about funerals costs

Do you think that it’s important to honour the deceased by throwing a funeral you can’t afford? It’s time to think again, says Winnie Kunene.

life and funeral covers myths

Demystifying life insurance and funeral cover so that you know if you have the right cover!

Ask questions before buying funeral cover

Buyer beware! These are the questions you should ask before you buy funeral cover.

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Difference between life and funeral

Do you know the difference between life insurance and funeral insurance? Read on to learn more.

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