Disability isurance

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Disability insurance
When a person becomes disabled, there are many expenses to consider. That is what disability insurance is for.

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When a breadwinner is disabled, the family faces financial ruin – unless there’s disability insurance to fall back on.

confused disability cover

Disability insurance provides you with financial compensation if you are disabled by an accident or illness and unable to work. Find out more about this type of cover.

helpful income protection

Gareth was in a bicycle accident that left him unable to use both his arms. He was able to keep paying the bills because of one thing that he’d done

what are domestic worker benefits

Your domestic worker is part of your family, so you should take care of him or her just as you would any other family member.

long term insurance

An annual financial review ensures that your financial needs are met. What are the implications for your long term assurance products?

need to know about disablement

What you should know about your disablement policy

Protect against disability with cover

Protect your family against the day that you are unable to work with Occupation-based Disablement Cover from 1Life. Read on to find out more.

Your disability policy when retired

As a 1Lifedirect occupation-based disablement policyholder you need to be aware of how your retirement will affect your cover and benefit amount. Find out more.

Standalone Dread and Disability policies

Did you know that you can now purchase dread disease cover and disablement cover as standalone products? Find out more.