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How All Woman helped these women fight cancer

It’s the helping hand every women and child needs in case of a cancer diagnosis. 

11 October 2016
2 minute read

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A cancer diagnosis is not only emotionally devastating but has serious financial implications for sufferers and their families. From medical expenses not covered by medical aids to replacing income lost if you have to take time off work, treating cancer is expensive!

Find out how 1Life All Woman gave these women financial protection in their time of need. Plus, learn more about 1Life’s female dread disease cover product and how it can help you and your family protect against female and certain childhood cancers.

Lisa (single mom): ovarian cancer Lisa was looking forward to the summer holidays when she started to feel sick and nauseous for no reason. She visited her GP, who recommended further tests. On 8 December 2015 she was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer on her left ovary.

Lisa claimed from her All Woman policy and was paid R62 500, funds that she has used to cover medical expenses not covered by her medical aid.

As a single mom, it was really comforting to know that my All Woman policy would help me cover the cost of treating my ovarian cancer. Not having to worry about money meant I could focus on my recovery. And, the panic button is a great benefit as I was at home alone a lot after treatments.

Sibu (recently married): cervical cancerSibu wasn’t too concerned when she consulted her GP on 7 November 2015 with pain and bleeding. He recommended a PAP and the results came back with an abnormal result. After more tests and doctor’s visits, Sibu was diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer.

Sibu’s All Woman policy paid out R25 000, money she has used to cover living expenses while undergoing treatment and during her recovery.

I was absolutely devastated by the diagnosis, but the money I got from 1Life meant that I could take time off work to get the treatment I needed without using up our savings. Plus, I used the chauffeur service to get home after the treatments – in style!

Daisy (mom of 2): breast cancerA routine mammogram picked up a lump in Daisy’s breast. The biopsy results brought bad news: stage 3 breast cancer. A claim against her All Woman policy paid R100 000 to Daisy, funds that she used to cover home care not paid for by her medical aid.

My 1Life All Woman policy saved the day and means that I am looked after by nurses in my own home. I cannot tell you what a relief this has been for me and my family.



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