Little girl blowing on dandelion flower

A diagnosis of childhood cancer is a parent’s worst fear, but the earlier you detect the disease, the better your child’s chances of recovery. Know the signs.

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Do you believe your children shouldn’t swim after a meal or sit too close to the TV? Turns out you might be wrong.

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Children are notoriously picky eaters, and veggies are usually the biggest problem area. Here are seven ways to tempt or trick their palates.

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Pokémon GO isn’t the only technology that might get your kids moving in the real world. Try some of these apps, games and devices – for all ages.

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Flu can be debilitating, but the flu vaccine can significantly reduce your chances of catching this virus. We answer your questions about the flu jab.

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Four brave kids share how they dealt with their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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A mother shares the story of the loss of her daughter to brain cancer.