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1Life launches a revolutionary mobile HIV testing platform

Posted  July 12, 2011

1Lifedirect, South Africa’s first, truly direct life insurance provider is shaking up the life insurance industry once again by using mobile technology to communicate HIV test results.

Mobile handsets located in Link Pharmacies across the country will be loaded with bespoke software allowing pharmacists access to 1Lifedirect client’s policy details. The pharmacists will be able to verify the client’s identity, capture images of the client and the test result and upload these results directly to the underwriting system utilised by 1Lifedirect.

Historically, HIV testing for life insurance purposes is performed at pathology laboratories where blood is drawn and tested. Results are then loaded onto an XML file which is uploaded to the underwriting systems of the life insurers concerned. This process can take up to 72 hours to complete. The new 1Lifedirect mobile process reduces a test turnaround time to a matter of minutes.

The process will run as follows:  The 1Lifedirect client will visit a Link Pharmacy with their Identity Document and 1Lifedirect policy number. The pharmacist will then log in to a Java applet on a mobile device through a secure 3G, GSM connection. The client’s identity will be verified and the pharmacist will capture an image of the client and their Identity Document utilising the built in 3 Megapixel camera on the mobile device. The unique test identification number will also be captured on the mobile device. The pharmacist will then perform a HIV oral fluid test on the client (another first in South Africa). Results of the test will be captured directly on the mobile device and an image of the result is also captured. The images and results are then transferred to 1Lifedirect’s underwriting system for immediate processing.

The pharmacist is then prompted through the process via intuitive, simple and easy to use software. The software is so easy to understand that full training on the software, including maintenance and updates can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

According to 1Lifedirect’s CEO Anton de Souza, “We were the first life insurer to go direct, the first to offer on-line quotes and sales and now, the first to offer HIV saliva testing.  Our new mobile technology takes innovation to the next level and we are pleased to offer this convenient and accurate solution to the South African public.”

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