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Scared of needles? Do your HIV test via saliva swab!

11 September 2012
1 minute read

Trypanophobia is defined as an extreme and irrational fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles. While no statistics are available for South Africa, Wikipedia estimates that 10% of all adult Americans suffer from trypanophobia.

The bad news for trypanophobics is that if you want to purchase life insurance all life insurance companies will request that you take an HIV test as part of your application process. These tests involve blood being drawn at a pathologist’s lab. The good news, however, is that 1Lifedirect offers HIV testing via a simple and accurate saliva swab.

The accuracy of the oral saliva swab test has been confirmed by numerous studies in South Africa, the United States, Central Africa and South America. The tests are proven to be as accurate as the 4th Generation Elisa Blood Test commonly used by other life insurers.

In true 1Lifedirect style, we were the first to introduce saliva testing as part of our medical underwriting process as well as the first life insurance company to offer life insurance sales and quotes online.

You can have your saliva test done at any Link Pharmacy, simply visit our Find a Lab or Pharmacy page to find a pharmacist near you. The test takes minutes and your results will be made available to your nominated doctor in record time.

Now the benefits of life insurance are available to all South Africans, even those that are terrified of needles! Find out more about Pure Life Cover from 1Life.

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