Tips to save on petrol

Save petrol with these tips from the AA

Posted  April 3, 2013

South Africans are battling on-going fuel price hikes with an astounding increase of R5.34 per litre since Jan 2010. While there is nothing we can do to change the fuel prices, we can change the way we drive to reduce our fuel consumption. Here are 10 fuel saving tips from the Automobile Association

  • Check your tyre pressure as under-inflated tyres will increase your fuel consumption
  • Service your car regularly
  • Reduce your drag by removing external fixings when they are not in use, for example bike racks
  • Switch off your air con
  • Make sure that you are not carrying any unnecessary weight
  • Avoid abrupt stop and start driving
  • Avoid unnecessary idling
  • Avoid high speeds and accelerate gently
  • Avoid short journeys where possible
  • Use a lower gear on steep hills

If you are still struggling to contain your monthly petrol costs, then it might be time to start cutting back on other expenses too. Read our Top 10 money saving tips for ideas on how you can cut costs in a hurry.

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Source: The Automobile Association

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