mother talking to daughter at home

Bullies and their parents also need support. Here are some of the causes of bullying, and how to respond if your child is harming other children.

Child with puzzle pieces

Early intervention is critical in getting the best outcomes for an autistic child. Here’s how to spot the signs and get support for your child as soon as possible.

father teaching child to ride a bike

Get the most out of your child’s school year with these 10 resolutions that will keep everything running smoothly.

Little boy sitting at desk unhappy

Report card time is when you find out how your child has fared academically in the school year. Here’s how to give feedback to report cards – whether the results are good or bad.

Father playing with child

Learning gratitude is part of growing up. Here’s how to help your kids understand the importance of being thankful.

father sitting with child on couch looking at tablet

Fathers offer their kids so much more than just an extra set of hands. Research reveals how dads influence their children’s futures.

Child playing alone

If your child is withdrawn, hyperactive or unfocused, or doesn’t listen, you might want to assess them for a learning disability.

Mom lying on couch hugging son

From eating meals and playing together to prioritising mom’s happiness, we share the surprisingly simple secrets of happy families.

mother kissing baby that has made a mess with food

This isn’t a list of impossible parenting rules for you to follow. Rather, it will help you to de-stress and declutter your life and your schedule.

tired father laying on couch with kids

No amount of reading or internet research will prepare you for the reality of having kids. Here is some information the literature doesn’t cover.