10 ways to beat lockdown blues and boost your mood

26 August 2020
2 minute read

woman cleaning out her cupboard

It's spring! Time to dust off the COVID-19 lockdown blues and make way for something fresh and new. We offer 10 fun ideas or tasks to help you boost your spirits and your mood.

1. Play your favourite tunesMusic can do wonders to lift your mood. Sing along to old favourites that remind you of happy times. Even playing a sad song can bring emotional release.

2. Learn a danceEveryone’s doing the Jerusalema challenge. Why shouldn’t you? Find a tutorial on YouTube and join in the fun!

3. Boost positive thoughtsA simple habit to start with is a daily gratitude practice, in which you write down or simply acknowledge one good thing that has happened in the day. Another good idea is to pick a positive affirmation to focus on for the day.

4. Spring clean your cupboardsDecluttering and organising can be very therapeutic. Say goodbye to socks with no twin, clothes that are too small and shoes you never wear. Why not tackle the kitchen cupboards too?

5. Clear out for cashThink of items in your home or garage that no longer serve you but would be very useful to someone else. Take pictures of them and post them to Gumtree or Junk Mail. You’ll have a more peaceful, less cluttered home, and some extra cash!

6. Learn something newBoost your brain and broaden your horizons. A great way is to listen to a podcast about something you’d like to know more about, be it the upcoming US election, quantum physics, sports or the history of fashion. Listen while you exercise or do housework. You’ll feel stimulated and clever!

7. Declutter your inboxEvery day, there’s spam in your inbox, right? Instead of deleting unwanted mails every day, take the time to open them and unsubscribe from their list. It’ll save you a few minutes of irritation or boredom and lighten your daily mood.

8. Get into natureNothing lifts the spirits like spending time outdoors somewhere beautiful - a garden, a beach or a mountain.Hiking is a great way to get out and get exercise in nature. Investigate organised hikes and hiking groups, so you hit the trails safely.

9. Spruce up old furniturePainting an old table or mirror is a pleasant task with a satisfying result, and it will give your home a lift. Ask your hardware store owner for advice or check out the how-to videos online.

10. Give yourself a smile!Stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a big smile. You will probably find it strange at first, but it actually does fool the brain into a happier state.

Outro: As we ease into spring, embrace these feel-good ideas and activities. Also remember the rituals that got you through lockdown - sticking to a wake-up time, making your bed, walking regularly and getting a good night’s sleep. They stood you in good stead, so keep up the good habits!

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