man and woman having coffee together

February is the month of love, so use these tips to express and attract love from all the people you care about - not just your romantic partner.

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Your most important relationship is worth working on – for the benefit of you and your partner. So, use these tips to bring the fun and intimacy back into your marriage.

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Want to be a great team player? We spoke to a workplace team expert about how to make sure you are respected and liked by your colleagues.

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Before you walk down the aisle, schedule some time at a table with your partner to discuss these important issues.

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You’ve just found out that your girlfriend earns more than you? Is there any way this relationship can survive? Winnie Kunene weighs in.

Secret to happiness

A 75-year Harvard study has revealed that healthy relationships are the secret to happiness. The question is, how do you apply this in your own life?

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Romantic love and the love of family, your friends and even your pets can be good for you. Here’s why.

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Does your partner feel like a stranger living under the same roof? If you’ve drifted apart, consider these ways to get closer together again.


Any couple can make a relationship work, but if you have these eight characteristics it will be a whole lot easier.

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It’s cheating to keep money secrets from your partner. Here’s how to open up about your finances and discover a whole new level of intimacy.