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Mental health
A life coach offers practical tools to help you make – and successfully execute – your long term and short terms plans
How to get rid of habits that aren’t working for you!
Get rid of unhelpful habits and behaviours, so you pick up those that work better for you
These are the medical checkups you should have in 2017
Even if you’re healthy, there are a number of tests and checkups you should go for every year. Put them in your calendar today!
Seven things scientists say will make you happy
Some people are naturally happy; others have to work on it. If your mood needs a lift, try these seven scientifically proven ways to bring joy into your life.
Domestic violence: know the signs and get help!
Our latest infographic will help you to identify the symptoms of domestic violence and details how and where to get help.
You are No 1: here’s how to put you first!
Being others-centred can leave you exhausted and resentful. Take care of your own needs, too.
Men – don’t neglect your health!
Men are less healthy and die younger than women. This is partially because they neglect their own health. Here’s why, and what to do about it.