Need help dealing with a snoring partner?

Try these solutions to stop your snoring – for good!

20 March 2019
3 minute read

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Snoring can test even the happiest of marriages, often sending the snorer and their partner into separate bedrooms in their quest for a good night’s sleep. Snoring is caused either by the partial obstruction of the throat or nasal passages or by poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue. Here are some of the main ways to combat snoring:

Medical solutionsLose weight
When you gain weight on the outside, you gain it on the inside as well. This means that your nasal passages are obstructed by the extra weight. If you are overweight and getting complaints about your snoring, the first step to addressing the snoring problem is to lose weight.

Address your allergies
If you suffer from hay fever or other allergies, your throat and nasal passages could be irritated and swollen. An oral antihistamine or nasal spray could help to relieve these symptoms, but before taking ongoing treatment for a chronic condition, you should visit your doctor.

Avoid alcohol and sedatives
Alcohol and sedatives can cause the throat and tongue muscles to become too relaxed while you sleep. Smoking also increases the likelihood of snoring. These direct causes of snoring are easy to address by simply avoiding them.

Solve structural problems with the throat and nose
Some people have problems with the structure of the nasal passages or enlarged tonsils or adenoids. This can be from persistent infection, an injury or from a specific structural problem. If you suspect that this might be the cause of your snoring, schedule a visit to an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) to find out if surgical intervention is necessary.

Or you can try these home solutionsRaise the head of your bed
Raising the head of your bed (not just your head on pillows) even by just ten centimetres can stop your snoring. It costs you nothing to raise the head of your bed on bricks, so why not give it a try?

Try an anti-snoring device
While these over-the-counter anti-snoring solutions do not address an underlying issue, some people swear that they make all the difference to their problem. The adhesive strips pull the nasal passages open from the outside, and the nasal dilators push them open from the inside. As these are not overly expensive, they are worth a try for persistent snorers. Another method that works well for some people is an anti-snoring mouthpiece. These work either by aligning the jaw in a way that opens the airway, or by holding the tongue in place. Some of these are available online or over-the-counter, others are fitted by a specialist.

Sew tennis ball onto the back of your shirt
Some people snore only when they lie on their backs, but they can’t stop themselves from flipping over when they’re asleep. A simple solution for this is to sew a tennis ball onto the back of your pyjama top (or wear a pocketed shirt back to front and pop a ball in the pocket). The discomfort of lying on a ball should keep you on your side.

Get a good night’s sleep!Snoring isn’t just irritating for the snorer’s partner. It’s also detrimental to the health of the snorer, causing an interrupted night’s sleep and possible heart and blood pressure problems. So if you are a snorer, do what you can to address this night-time racket. Try these remedies, but if the problem persists, visit a specialist doctor or snoring clinic in your area - for the sake of your health and for your partner’s good night sleep.


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