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Planning & retirement
Many South Africans who employ domestic workers do not have the proper conditions or contracts in place. Here’s how to make sure you are doing the right thing.
Financial decisions you should make before 40
There are a few financial issues you should have sorted out by the time you are 40. There’s no time like the present to get started…
How to evaluate investment returns in tough economic times
Local stock market returns have been dismal over the last three years. How do you judge the growth in your investment portfolio during difficult periods?
Is it time to increase your life and disability cover?
A change in lifestyle or an increase in debt could mean that you need to review your life and disability cover to make sure it still meets your family’s needs.
Know your life policy: accidental death vs elevated cover
Get to know the differences between accidental death benefits and life cover policies, and why it is so important to take your HIV test.
Ask yourself these questions before you buy a house
Considering buying a home? Ask yourself these questions before you start browsing the property pages.
Investment fees – are you paying too much?
Learn how investment fees are structured and the questions you should ask to evaluate if you are paying too much.