Personal finance

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Your career
Are you aiming to climb the corporate ladder? Phiona Martin, industrial psychologist, outlines the 10 steps you should take.
5 ways to save on home maintenance
Repairing and maintaining your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Use these 5 cost-saving tips to DIY your way through affordable home repairs.
Six things life insurers must tell you when you buy cover
We talk about six things your insurer must do when you buy life cover, and how this protects your rights as a policyholder.
The life changes that affect your insurance needs
Big events in our lives such as getting married, having a child or getting divorced can change our insurance needs. We show you how and what to plan for.
How to start a stokvel
Starting a stokvel is not simple but it isn’t rocket science either. If you get your ducks in a row, you could be on your way to your savings goal.
Buying a car? Beware of residuals
Considering buying a new car with a balloon payment at the end? Think very carefully and be sure you have a plan for when the lump sum is owing.
How to help your parents plan for the future
We’ve got some ideas on how you can talk to and help your elderly parents plan for their future to make these years as stress free as possible.