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Car ownership
Just because you have vehicle insurance it does not mean that your claim will get paid out. Here are 10 reasons why your claim might be rejected.
Everything you need to know about the cost of buying a home
Thinking of buying a home? Winnie Kunene says you should be sure to take ALL the costs of purchasing a property into account.
Five ways the Consumer Protection Act can help you!
Knowing the Consumer Protection Act can help protect you against unscrupulous suppliers.
Financial planning in an uncertain world
Yes, the future is uncertain –that’s why you need a plan that includes long and short-term insurance and an emergency fund.
10 ways to save this long weekend
Don’t let the long weekend blast through your budget. Use these tips to keep your money in your bank account and still have fun.
How to save money on vehicle maintenance
Whether you own a new car or an old one, at some point you’ll have to spend money on maintenance. Here’s how to keep those costs as low as possible.
Pay no transfer duty on these homes under R900 000!
From 1 March this year, there is no transfer duty on houses that cost R900 000 or less. Here’s what your money can buy you in SA’s leading cities.