Personal finance

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Planning & retirement
Now that the 1Life Financial Makeover winner has made good headway with paying back her debts, Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene advised her to think about the future.
These organisations help consumers fight for their rights
Ombuds’ offices resolve complaints fairly, without favour or prejudice, and at no cost to consumers. Know which Ombud deals with which complaint.
Your policyholder rights and responsibilities
Six principles known as Treating Customers Fairly protect long-term insurance policyholders’ rights. In turn, policyholders must fulfil their responsibilities.
Small & affordable homes for under R1 million
Smaller properties are increasing in value much faster than bigger, more expensive homes. If you’re in the market for a property, buying cheap will help your investment grow.
Your guide to employing a domestic worker: contracts, sick leave, UIF and more
Many South Africans who employ domestic workers do not have the proper conditions or contracts in place. Here’s how to make sure you are doing the right thing.
10 things you need to know about tax returns
Is dealing with the tax man a terrifying and confusing process? Get tax-ready with these 10 tips that tell you how, why and where to pay your taxes.
How the VAT increase will affect YOUR groceries
On 21 February, the Minister of Finance announced a one percentage increase in VAT to 15%. We take a look at how this will affect six items in your grocery basket.