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Budgeting & saving
You can still have an exciting holiday on a budget – even if you’ve stayed home for December. Here are some ways to create some holiday magic for your family.
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Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene sat down with 1Life Financial Makeover Winner Violet to discuss keeping up her financial plan this December holiday.
We show you how to enjoy December debt free
December can be expensive. We’ve identified four essential rules for a debt free month and savings tips for entertaining, shopping, gifts and holidays.
These are the personal finance mistakes you made in 2017
Managing money is a life-long learning journey along which we all make financial mistakes. We examine 2017’s most common financial faults and how to avoid them.
We're living longer - is your financial planning keeping up?
We’re living longer and in poor health - and that costs more. Smart financial planning reduces the financial stress.
5 ways to save on beauty treatments and products
Beauty products and treatments don’t come cheap, but if you have an eye for a good deal, you can find ways to save money on looking and feeling great.