Savings & investments

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Savings & investments
It seems like such a compelling argument: The JSE is struggling, offshore markets are doing well – rather invest offshore. But before you do, read this.

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There are a few financial issues you should have sorted out by the time you are 40. There’s no time like the present to get started…

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Local stock market returns have been dismal over the last three years. How do you judge the growth in your investment portfolio during difficult periods?

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Learn how investment fees are structured and the questions you should ask to evaluate if you are paying too much.

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Starting a stokvel is not simple but it isn’t rocket science either. If you get your ducks in a row, you could be on your way to your savings goal.


You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin. But what exactly is it? And why are people so excited about its investment potential?

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Your wallet is probably bursting with loyalty cards. We found out about the different programmes from leading retailers to find out how to get the most out of all this plastic.

South Africa has yet again just avoided an investment downgrade by a ratings agency. But what does this mean for the man in the street.

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Shops want you to spend money. They sometimes even trick you into coughing up. Here are eight of the most common marketing tricks that part you from your money.

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You should start saving now for your children’s tertiary education. We ran the numbers.