Kids & money

presents wrapped on table

Kids & money
Selecting just the right gift for your child can be tough. We took the pain out of the process with these suggestions.

teach child to save infographic

Teaching your children to save now will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

apple on pile of books

You’d like to save for your child’s education, but you’re not sure where to start. Here is a handy guide to the education products on the market.

kids learn money

Parents always hope that their children will grow up to be good with money. We spoke to 6 parents to find out their greatest hopes for their children’s financial futures.

things you shouldn't tell kids

Be a good role model to your children and try not to say these six things to them about money.

3 different pocket money strategies

There are three different schools of thought on how parents can go about giving their kids pocket money. Stacey Vee takes a closer look.

having the money talk

When you kid’s friends come from family’s with more money than yours, then it’s time for parents to have the Money Talk. Stacey Vee tells us how.

be your childs financial role model

Children learn from your actions and your mistakes. Make sure you give them the right messages about money, now and for the rest of their lives.

what father taught about money

Being good with money isn’t something that happens overnight. As with anything in life, lessons are easiest to learn if you start when you're young.

teaching your kids about money

Your money personality was shaped by your childhood experiences. Take a hand in shaping your child’s money personality.