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What you need to know about funeral cover from 1Lifedirect

4 September 2012
2 minute read

Understand your 1Life funeral cover

Why should you invest in funeral cover from 1Lifedirect? What makes it different from all the other funeral policies out there? Take a moment to learn more about 1Lifefuneral.

Who can I insure?

You can insure the whole family, and we mean the whole family! You can include your spouse, children and 10 extended family members on the policy, including four parents or parents-in-law.

What does 1Lifefuneral cover?

1Lifefuneral will provide a lump sum payout in the event of the death of a policy member. This payout can be put towards funeral or other expenses, for example unpaid debt.

A waiting period of 12 months and 12 paid premiums applies for natural death, but death from accidental causes is covered immediately, i.e. from the time the first premium is paid. Note that suicide is not covered for the first two years and death as a result of a criminal act is not covered at all.

How much cover can I buy?

Adults (main member, spouse, children over 13 or extended family members) can be insured for a maximum of R45 000 per person. Children under 5 can be insured for a maximum of R10 000 per child and children aged 6 – 13 for a maximum of R15 000 per child.

Why 1Lifefuneral?

A 1Lifefuneral policy includes the following benefits:

  • Premium waiver: If the main member dies, all family members still on the policy remain fully insured for two years at no cost.
  • After the death of the main member the family will receive R1000 every month for six months to help with buying groceries.
  • A Memorial Benefit pays out R5000 towards the cost of a headstone one year after the death of the main member.
  • A R2000 repatriation service is available to help transport the deceased from place of death to place of burial, within the borders of South Africa.
  • You choose a cover amount that suits your needs. 1Lifefuneral offers flexible sum assured options and affordable premiums.

What will my premiums be?

Premiums depend on your age, how many family members you want to add to the policy and their ages. For example a 25 year old male can get R15 000 funeral cover for around R 99.63 per month and he can add his wife, two kids and two parents for around R 118.98 per month or a 45 year old female can get R 15 000 funeral cover for around R 105.40 per month and she can add her husband and four kids for around R 37.93

How do I buy 1Lifefuneral?

With 1Lifefuneral, no medical examinations are required. All it takes is one phone call to buy the cover you need or get a quote. Call us now on 0860 10 53 15 or learn more about 1Lifefuneral.

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