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How much does funeral cover cost?

Posted  August 15, 2012

The recent launch of funeral insurance from 1Lifedirect has redefined the South Africa funeral insurance market. With 1Lifefuneral you can get affordable funeral cover of up to R45 00 per member for your spouse, children and extended family with no medical examinations required. 1Lifefuneral also includes a host of other benefits from a Memorial Benefit and Repatriation Service to a grocery fund.

Your 1Lifefuneral monthly premiums are calculated based on your age, how much cover you buy and the number of family members you choose to add to your policy, for example:

  • A 25 year old male can get R15 000 funeral cover for around R 99.63 per month and he can add his wife, two kids and two parents for around R 118.98 per month*
  • A 35 year old female can get R 15 000 funeral cover for around R 109.18 per month and she can add her husband for around R23.31 per month*
  • A 45 year old female can get R 15 000 funeral cover for around R 105.40 per month and she can add her husband and four kids for around R 37.93*

Not only is funeral cover from 1Lifefuneral affordable, it also includes the following great benefits:

  • Premium Waiver: This means that if the main member dies all family members included on the policy will get free funeral cover for two years
  • A Memorial Benefit: R5000 is paid to the beneficiaries of the policy one year after the claim was paid out. These funds can be used to purchase a headstone for the grave of the deceased family member
  • Repatriation Service: R2000 is available to transport the deceased to their burial plot, anywhere within South Africa
  • Grocery fund: After the death of the main member we will pay the family R1000 per month for six months to help them buy food and other necessities
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