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Posted  February 1, 2012

As a 1Life Pure Life Cover policyholder your funeral expenses, or a part thereof, will be covered by the policy's funeral benefit. But how will you cover the funeral expenses of your loved ones? Find out more about 1Life Funeral.

According to the FinScope South Africa 2010 survey only 46% of South Africans have invested in some form of funeral insurance, be it through a burial society, from a bank or insurance company. At the same time, South Africans count funerals as the second biggest perceived threat to their livelihoods after the death or job loss of a wage earner.

Statistics like these speak volumes about the need for funeral insurance, a need that is summed up by one simple question: if a family member passed away tomorrow, would you have the cash to pay for their funeral? For most of us the answer would be 'no'.

A Pure Life Cover policy from 1Life includes a R25 000 funeral benefit that is paid out to your family 48 hours after a valid claim has been submitted. While this pay-out will take care of your funeral expenses as the policyholder, have you considered the funeral expenses of your family and extended family?

Traditional South African funerals can cost family members up to R100 000. Family members must pay for a casket, cater for visitors paying their respects to the family, hire cars and buses to transport family members, friends and community members to and from the cemetery and cater for all the mourners after the funeral service.

Funeral cover from 1Life Funeral is the financial protection you and your family need against funeral expenses. You can include your spouse, children parents and up to 10 extended family members on your policy. 1Life Funeral includes great benefits like a headstone and grocery benefit as well as a repatriation service. Learn more about funeral cover from 1Life.

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