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Protect against funeral costs with 1Lifefuneral

16 October 2012
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Protect against funeral costs with 1Life

According to the FinScope Africa 2010 survey, the 'biggest perceived risk' to the livelihoods of South Africans is the death/job loss of a breadwinner (17%) followed by funerals (11%) and crime/theft (11%).  Statistics like these are not surprising if you consider the price of a traditional African funeral, which can cost up to R100 000 for the day of the funeral. Find out more about how funeral insurance can protect your family from unexpected funeral costs.

Funeral traditions vary from culture to culture. Muslims bathe and enshroud the deceased before burying the body with the head faced towards Mecca. In the Jewish faith, cremation and embalming are not allowed. The deceased must be buried and burial must take place as soon after death as possible. In South Africa, Africans traditionally bury their dead, and at great cost to the family of the deceased:

  • Families often buy the most expensive casket they can afford as a sign of respect to the deceased
  • It is traditional that mourners from the community visiting the home of the family of the deceased to pay their respects are given food or refreshments
  • Cars must be hired to transport close family members to and from the cemetery
  • Buses must be hired to transport community members and friends of the deceased to and from the cemetery
  • After the service at the cemetery the family is expected to serve food to all mourners: family, friends and community members alike
  • Also costly is the hiring of a tent, tables for caterers and chairs for funeral attendants
  • The unveiling of the tombstone, which typically takes place a year after the funeral, will incur all the costs of the funeral from transport to and from the gravesite to food for guests as well as the cost of the actual tombstone

As a breadwinner, funeral insurance gives you financial protection against the cost of a funeral. A funeral insurance policy from 1Lifedirect gives cover of up to R45 000 for adults and between R10 000 and 15 000 for children, depending on their age. You can add your spouse, kids, parents and even extended family members to the policy. Find out more about 1Life funeral cover.

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