Understand your dread disease policy

A guide to your dread disease cover policy

Posted  May 8, 2013

In our last article on dread disease cover we took a closer look at exactly what dread disease cover is, and how it will help you recover from and adjust to a serious illness. In this article we will take a closer look at your 1Life Dread Disease Cover policy.

Important terms and conditionsAs a 1Life Dread Disease Cover policyholder you need to be aware of your policy’s terms and conditions as contained in your policy book. Here are some of the more important points:

Premium increases: premiums will not increase for the first two years but thereafter there will be a compulsory increase of 5% every year.

Continuity of Cover: the onus is on you, the policyholder, to inform 1Life if you leave the country for more than 14 days, start smoking, engage in a hazardous pursuit or change your occupation. If you do not inform us of these changes any claims you make might be reduced or rejected.

Exclusions: Your policy is subject to certain exclusions, i.e. circumstances under which your policy will not pay out. General exclusions, for example intentional and negligent consumption of drugs, narcotics or medication, are listed in your policy book. Exclusions specific to your policy are listed in your policy schedule, as supplied to you when you first bought your Dread Disease Cover from 1Life.

Illnesses and Conditions Covered: The illnesses and conditions covered by your policy are listed in the policy book.

Features and benefitsYour 1Life Dread Disease Cover policy includes the following great benefits:

Guaranteed Assurability: As your life changes so do your insurance needs. Guaranteed Assurability means that you can increase your cover amount, with limited underwriting, on your third policy anniversary of whenever your lifestyle changes in a way that impacts how much cover you need. Such changes could include the birth or adoption of a child or marriage.

Premium Waiver: Should the life assured become disabled and is paid a lump sum disability benefit, the premiums for the dread disease cover will not be charged for a certain period. This benefit is only applicable if the policyholder is also the life assured, thus responsible for the payment of premiums on a policy.

Useful ResourcesFollow the links below or contact us to find out more. Remember we are always here to help!

Policy Book: Click here to read the 1Life policy book.

Policy Schedule: For a copy of your policy schedule please contact us on 0860 10 53 40.

1Life Dread Disease Cover: Find out more about how you can protect yourself against serious illness with 1Life Dread Disease Cover.

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