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Dread Disease Cover and Disablement Cover in action!

12 December 2012
2 minute read

Dread disability action

Dread Disease Cover and Disablement Cover from 1Life are the financial protection your family needs against the disability or illness of a breadwinner. Read about how dread disease cover and disability cover helped two of our policyholders.

Case Study 1: Heart AttackMr. J De Beer* Policy inception: 01/12/2006
Benefits: Pure Life Cover: R250 000 and Occupation-based Disablement: R250 000

Mr. De Beer was self-employed and made steel gates, balustrades, security gates as well as doing general steel work in the construction industry.

In April 2011, Mr De Beer had a heart attack and was admitted to hospital. The heart attack affected a large area of the heart muscle, resulting in a permanent ejection fraction (the ability of the heart to pump out blood) of less than 35%. Due to the damage to the heart muscle, Mr De Beer could no longer do physical work or walk long distances.

Mr. De Beer's highest educations is a Standard 8 and he has worked in the steel industry his whole life. Based on his education and experience, he would not have been able to do any other type of work. Occupation-based Disablement pays out if you become permanently and totally disabled and you cannot perform your normal job or any other work to which you are suited. 1Lifedirect therefore approved Mr. De Beer’s occupational disability claim and he received a 100% pay out of his Occupation-based Disability benefit.

Because he received a 100% pay-out on the disability benefit, he also qualified for the premium waiver. This means that 1Lifedirect will pay his Pure Life Cover premiums for the next five years i.e. from date of payment of his Disability claim. Depending on your benefit amount, Disablement Cover will replace all or a portion of your income if you are ever unable to work due to illness or injury, giving you and your family financial security at a time when you need it most.

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Case Study 2: Coronary Artery Bypass GraftMrs. D Naidoo* Policy Inception: 01/10/2009
Benefits: Life Cover: R100 000 and Disability Cover: R100 000 as well as Dread Disease Cover: R100 000

Mrs. Naidoo was diagnosed with ischaemic heart disease and unstable angina after suffering a heart attack. In October 2010, the client had heart bypass surgery and made a good recovery. 1Lifedirect paid 100% of the dread disease benefit to Mrs. Naidoo as heart disease was covered by her Dread Disease Cover policy. Mrs Naidoo did not qualify for the Disability benefit as she made a full recover after surgery and her heart muscle was not as badly damaged as in the case of Mr De Beer* above.

For clients like Mrs Naidoo a Dread Disease Cover pay-out can be used to replace income lost while you are ill or recuperating, depending on your benefit amount and the duration of your illness. It could also be used to pay any hospital or doctors' bills not paid by your medical aid.

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*Not the clients’ real names

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