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Is 1Life sending you a Please Call Me?

Posted  December 18, 2012

The 1Life Client Service Call Centre has had numerous complaints from consumers who want to know why 1Life is sending them Please-Call-Me messages. The answer is simple. Did you know that when a friend or family member sends you a Please-Call-Me, most South African network operators will automatically include an advertisement underneath the Please-Call-Me message? If you are seeing the name 1Life in an advert attached to the Please-Call-Me message sent to you, it is not because we are asking you to contact us, it is simply because we are advertising in the message.

It is a form of paid advertising that is widely used by many brands, including 1Life. And for example, the message would read: “Please call 086 585 2496 (AD) Get funeral cover for only R85 per month…”. The word in brackets (AD) is present to define the beginning of the advert for the reader. This is to indicate that there is an advert that follows. So, when your friends & family send you a Please-call-me, be aware that it is not the advertiser that is sending the message to you.

The good news is that you can in fact send us a Please-Call-Me. If you would like a quote for funeral insurance, life insurance or dread disease and disability cover - get 1Life to call you! To send us a Please-Call-Me visit our home page, fill in your details on the quick quote and a consultant will phone you back. This is just another way 1Life makes the process simple and convenient for you.

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