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Update these 4 things on your policies!

4 September 2020
3 minute read
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It’s really important that your insurance policy has the correct information so that there are no delays when you need to make a claim and valid claims are paid in full. We’ve identified four things you should regularly check and update on your 1Life insurance policy.

1. Personal details

This includes your:

  • Full name
  • ID number
  • Contact details such as mobile number, email and physical address
  • Your occupation
  • Smoking status - tell us if you start smoking
  • Hazardous pursuits - tell us if you take one up
  • International travel - tell us if you are outside SA for more than 14 consecutive days, or if you are travelling offshore at all in the time of COVID-19

Why is it important to check and update personal details?

If these details are incorrect there might be a delay in the claims process or your claim may not be paid in full. For example, if you don’t tell us you have a new job that involves a lot more travelling than your previous job, or you take up smoking, a claim may be paid at a reduced amount. Keep your personal details up to date and delays can be avoided and valid claims paid in full.

2. Beneficiary details on life and funeral policies

This includes beneficiaries’:

  • Full names
  • ID numbers
  • Email addresses and mobile numbers
  • Changes – you may want to add or remove a beneficiary

Why is it important to check and update beneficiary details?

You want your beneficiaries on a life policy to be paid quickly if there’s a claim. The harder it is to contact beneficiaries and verify their details, the longer a claim will take. In addition, your beneficiaries may change over time. For instance, you might have a new child, or a child is financially independent and no longer needs support, or a spouse or partner passes on. You want the pay-out from a policy to be paid to those you love and care for, which can only happen if your beneficiary details are up to date.

On your funeral policy the beneficiary will be paid a claim when the main member passes, so always check there is a beneficiary listed with the correct details.

3. Member details on funeral policies

This includes main and additional members’:

  • Full names
  • ID numbers
  • Additional child member ages
  • Contact details

Why is it important to check and update member details?

Your loved ones want to be able to pay for a dignified funeral service. If we have the correct details for members, we can pay valid claims quickly, so you won’t be out of pocket for funeral expenses.

Children listed as additional members qualify for different amounts of cover depending on their age. For example, children under 5 years can have a maximum cover of R10 000 on 1Life funeral policies, and children aged between 6 and 13 years can have a maximum cover of R15 000. As your children get older you may want to take more cover for them.

Sum assured

This is how much 1Life will pay if there is a valid claim on a life cover policy or a funeral policy.

Why is it important to check and update sum assured details?

As you grow and change, your financial needs change. For example, you may need more cover when your children are young or when you have another child, or if the cost of funerals increase. Check your sum assured at least once a year to see if it still meets your needs.

Top tip: If you want to increase your life cover find out if you can use your guaranteed assurability benefit which allows you to increase your cover to a certain amount on every third policy anniversary without full underwriting.

Four ways to update your details today!

  1. Contact our client service team on 0860 10 51 94
  2. Use our online policyholder service portal. You will find the login button on the top right-hand corner of our website
  3. Dial *120*101# from your phone to update your life cover policy via USSD
  4. Ask your financial adviser for assistance

Keep us updated so we can keep you updated

When your policy is updated you can rest assured there won’t be any unnecessary delays when it is time to claim. It also means that we’ll be able to contact you to share important information and let you know about your policy benefits and any changes to your policy. And most importantly, it means your policy will cover you so that when there is a valid claim, the claim can be paid in full.

Frequently asked questions

Keeping your personal details up to date ensures there are no delays in the claims process.

Valid claims are paid in full when accurate information is provided.

Changes in personal information, such as occupation or smoking status, may impact claim payouts.

You can update your personal details through multiple channels:

  • Contact the client service team at 0860 10 51 94.
  • Use the online policyholder service portal on the 1Life website.
  • Dial 120101# from your phone to update your life cover policy via USSD.
  • Seek assistance from your financial adviser.

Ensuring accurate beneficiary information helps expedite claim payments.

It prevents delays in contacting beneficiaries during the claims process.

Life circumstances change, and beneficiaries may need to be added or removed over time.

It's recommended to review and update beneficiary details regularly, especially when life events occur, such as the birth of a child or the passing of a loved one.

Accurate member details ensure timely claim payouts for funeral expenses.

The age of additional child members affects the amount of coverage they qualify for.

Contact the client service team at 0860 10 51 94 to update member details.

As your life circumstances change, your financial needs evolve, and the coverage amount may need adjustment.

Regularly reviewing the sum assured ensures it meets your current needs and preferences.

The guaranteed insurability benefit allows policyholders to increase their cover to a certain amount on their policy anniversary without undergoing full underwriting.

For more information on utilizing this benefit, contact the client service team or consult your financial adviser.

Failing to update your policy details may lead to delays or reduced claim payouts in the event of a valid claim.

Outdated information could hinder communication regarding policy benefits and changes.

It's recommended to review and update your insurance policy details at least once a year or whenever significant life events occur.

Yes, you can update your policy details through the online policyholder service portal on the 1Life website.

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