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Tools to help you manage your financial life

3 August 2023
4 minute read

Truth About Money, a 1Life initiative, is proud to announce the launch of four new short courses that will help you take your money management skills to the next level in just 30 minutes. But wait, there’s more! We’ve also been hard at work building a set of calculators for our website that will simplify your financial planning and encourage you to reach your goals. Because we believe that building wealth shouldn’t be complicated and want to help each and every South African walk the road to financial freedom!

New short courses – changing lives in just 30 minutes!

Four new free financial education courses are now available on the Truth About Money website, including one for the tweens and teens in the family. And if you are ready for a deep dive into managing your money, you can sign up for the 8-hour financial education course.

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Ditching Debt

A 30-minute course where you can learn how to manage your debt and ditch it once and for all! Let the experts share their skills and learn from real life case studies so you too can become debt free.

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Cash Crunch

When you really need money, you need our 30-minute Cash Crunch course! You’ll learn the money laws and golden rule you need to know to get through a cash crunch and start your wealth building journey.

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Generation Wealth

Ready to become financially independent and start a generational wealth legacy for you and your family? The 30-minute Generation Wealth course will let you in on the secret of wealth building success. You’ll find out how to make your money work for you and the strategies you need to build your financial legacy.

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Mad Money Skillz

For you and your kids! Make money fun for your tweens while they learn important money lessons that will help them become money smart. Just 30-minutes is all it takes to start building a generation of savers who know which turbo buttons to press to boost their wealth.

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Financial Education course

This 8-hour course, which you can take in your own time, will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your spending and save! All you need to know to achieve your goals and become financially free!

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Introducing the all new 1Life Calculators

We’ve got three main categories of calculators to help you find the numbers you need: Insurance and tax, Savings, and Debt.

What you need to know: These calculations will guide you, but be sure to find out all the facts, details and product specifics before making a decision, consulting with a financial adviser if you need more information or financial advice.

Insurance and tax

Our life insurance calculators will help you work out how much life insurance you need and how much you can afford, based on your expenses, debts and earnings. You don’t even have to make a list to work out your expenses and debt! Simply click on the right-hand calculator button and our pop-up lists will guide you.

Our income tax calculator is a quick guide to how much income tax you will pay, before any deductions, each month and during the year. This number may not be the final amount of tax you pay as specific deductions such as retirement or pension fund savings, medical aid credits and travel allowances are not taken into account.


Got a goal and need to know how much to save? These are your calculators on call! You can find the numbers you need for:

  • Education savings: how much you need to save each month, and in total, to give your child a good education.
  • Holiday savings: how much you really need to save for your dream holiday, whether you're starting from scratch or already building up funds!
  • Becoming a millionaire: how long will it take you to become a millionaire based on amount saved and interest rates! What are you waiting for, go on and try it out!

Loans and interest

Use our loans and interest calculators to work out if you can afford a loan, as well as the interest you could be paying, so you can plan ahead and make smart debt decisions.

  • Car finance: using a car's purchase price and interest rates, work out how much your repayments will be for different terms, for example, 4 or 5 years. You'll be able to see if your new wheels are within your reach, or if you need to downscale and save!
  • Home loan: our affordability and bond repayment calculators will show you how much you can lend, based on your salary, any other income and expenses, as well as what your dream home will cost each month – it could be in your reach!
  • Payable interest: work out how long it takes to repay your debts, and how much interest you pay in total. You'll also find out how much interest you can save if you pay your debts faster!
  • Compound interest: compounding applies to debts too, which means your debts grow over time as you owe more interest! Use our compound interest calculator to work out how much interest you pay on interest and how it can increase your outstanding loan amount.

Information, skills and the right attitude

Information and skills are two things you need to become a good money manager. And now you’ve got them with our calculators and courses! The final things you need to achieve your financial goals are the right attitude and a commitment to become financially free. We know you’ve got those! So why not start your journey to financial freedom today?

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