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Found the car of your dreams? Or even just wondering what car you could afford? In life in general, it’s only human to wish for more than you need. But be smart now, as the pain of over-extending yourself in the budget department really isn’t worth it down the line.

With 1Life’s super-smart car finance calculator, you can quickly see your estimated monthly repayment, including interest, based on the vehicle purchase price and the number of years you’ll be paying it off. You can also see the total amount of interest you’ll pay over the full period of the contract, as well as the total cost of the loan.

Remember, the longer you take to pay the loan, the more interest you’ll pay too. So why not use the calculator to change some of the variables, see the potential savings outcome, and equip yourself to make smarter choices?

Enter the purchase price of the car
The interest rate is the amount a lender charges a borrower and is a percentage of the amount loaned.
Select how many months you would like to repay your car finance

Your estimated monthly repayment including interest:

R pm


Purchase price:


Interest charged:


Total cost of loan:


Did you know that not all debt is bad? Find out what is considered good debt and how you can use it to grow your wealth.

Our user-friendly calculators are here for you to gain the insights you need in making the smart choices that will empower you to protect and grow your wealth. The calculators do not provide any advice or recommendation in relation to the suitability of any products.
It’s important to note that the calculations are only estimates, based on your inputs and assumptions. Interest rates are a factor in all of them, and these vary from one financial services provider to another and are influenced by several factors including your credit history.

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