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Cash Crunch

Prices go up and up but your salary doesn’t. You are weeks away from payday and your bank balance is close to zero. We hear you. But debt isn’t the only way out.

Sign up for the Cash Crunch course and get the tools and expert knowledge you need to make your money last, and find more if you need to! Plus you’ll learn from people who have beaten their own cash crunch. If you are battling to keep up with the cost of living, this course is for you.

Course duration 30 min
Course access Online
Cost Free

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Course outcomes

  • Know which two levers you can pull to help you through tough times 
  • Learn five ways to improve your cash flow right now 
  • Discover easy to follow, practical ways to cut expenses
  • Find out how the wealthy survive (and thrive) through a cash crunch
  • Understand how to manage your relationships during a cash crunch

Value adds:

  • Jargon free, interactive content with case studies, practical tips and inspirational stories
  • Downloadable tools, templates, action plans and a Certificate of Completion
  • Access to a virtual help-desk for assistance at any stage of your learning

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