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Funeral cover with premiums tailor-made for your budget

16 February 2021
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1Life Essential Funeral Plan lets you personalise your funeral policy so you can get the funeral cover you need, with the additional benefits you want, such as a Grocery Benefit and a Cash Back Bonus. We found out more about the funeral plan that lets you tailor your funeral cover to suit your budget.

In a nutshell

1Life Essential Funeral Plan offers funeral cover of up to R50 000 for a main member and up to 15 additional members such as a spouse, children and extended family members, including parents.

There is also an option to add additional benefits such as a grocery or meat benefit, which you pay a small extra premium for. You can choose which of these benefits to include on your policy – or you can choose to just have the basic funeral cover with no additional benefits, to keep your premiums as low as possible.

We’ll first look at what the basic policy covers and then the extra benefits you can add.

What every 1Life Essential Funeral Plan includes

Funeral cover of up to R50 000 for:

  • Main member – who must be between ages 18 and 64 when taking out the policy
  • Spouse – the main member must be legally married to the spouse
  • 4 children – who must be under the age of 21, or under 25 if they are full time students
  • 10 additional members such as grandparents and cousins - who must be younger than 84

Burial repatriation benefit

A repatriation service is offered to transport the deceased from place of death (the territory) to the final funeral home closest to the place of burial (within the borders of South Africa). The "territory" shall mean the Republic of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique.

Continuation option

The first spouse, or eldest life assured aged between 18 and 64 if there is no spouse, on the policy has the option to take over the policy if the main member passes on. This means the spouse, or eldest life assured, will become the main member and will be responsible for paying the premiums.

You can add benefits at any time

Additional benefits you can add to the policy

You can add a number of benefits to your 1Life Essential Funeral Plan, either when you take it out or during the life of the policy. There are three different kinds of benefits: Top Up Benefits, Cash Back Bonus and 1Life benefits.

Top Up Benefits

  • Grocery Benefit: R2 500 paid out in cash on the death of the main member
  • Meat Benefit: R5 000 paid out in cash on the death of the main member
  • Transportation Benefit: R3 000 paid out in cash to help with funeral transportation costs on the death of the main member
  • Premium waiver: Pays the premiums on the death of the main member for 24 months after their death, so the additional members will still be covered

To keep costs and admin low we grouped these benefits into three packages. Each package has different benefits. You can choose to add one or none of these packages to your policy.

Package Benefits included Additional monthly cost, which depends on how many people are covered on the policy
Package 1 Premium waiver
Grocery Benefit
R12 to R30
Package 2 Premium waiver
Grocery Benefit
Transportation Benefit
R18 to R35
Package 3 Premium waiver
Grocery Benefit
Transportation Benefit
Meat Benefit
R35 to R49

Note: There is a six-month waiting period from when Top Up Benefits are added before they can be used. You can also cancel Top Up Benefits at any time.

Cash Back Bonus

This is an amount paid out to the main member after every 48 premiums have been paid.

You can opt for cover with or without a Cash Back Bonus. The cost of plans with a cash back varies depending on the number and ages of members included. For example, if a main member of 35, spouse and children take a plan with a cash back the premium is around R50 more than for a plan without a cash back.

Waiting periods

There is a six-month waiting period for death due to natural causes. This means that if the main member passes due to a natural cause such as a heart attack or cancer during the first six months of the policy, no benefits will be paid. No waiting period applies for accidental death from the policy commencement date (after receipt of first premium).

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