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Essential Funeral Plan

You choose only the benefits you want and you get budget-friendly cover for your extended family

Insure yourself, your spouse, up to 4 children and 10 extended family members for up to R50 000 each on one affordable funeral cover policy. Pay only for the funeral benefits you want to keep monthly premiums low. Choose from meat, grocery and cash back benefits.

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Why 1Life Essential Funeral Plan?

Top Up Benefits

Choose to add a Cash Back Bonus, Grocery Benefit, Meat Benefit & more at an additional cost.

Pay-outs of up to R50 000

Policies pay out between R5 000 and R50 000 per member

Repatriation service

Includes a burial repatriation service for any of the life assured on the policy.

Continuation option

If the main member passes, a first spouse can take over the policy, with no waiting periods.

Immediate cover

You are covered immediately for accidental death after receipt of first premium.

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Choose the plan that suits your budget with the Top Up Benefits you want

Essential Funeral Plan FAQs

Funeral insurance pays out a lump sum to your loved ones so that they can cover the funeral expenses of family members insured on the policy. With 1Life Essential Funeral Plan you only pay for the funeral benefits you want, which keeps your monthly premiums low. These benefits are called Top Up Benefits and are added to your policy at an additional monthly cost. To learn more about Essential Funeral Plan download our brochure.

1Life Essential Funeral Plan can only be bought online on the 1Life website. Follow this link to buy your policy in just a few minutes. Remember you will need your cellphone and ID number(s) to complete the purchase.

Meat Benefit: If the main member passes away, a nominated beneficiary will receive cash for meat to the value of R 5 000.

Cash Back Bonus: The policyholder will receive a Cash Back Bonus after 48 premiums have been paid. Your bonus is calculated at 6 times your average monthly premium!

Grocery Benefit: If the main member passes away, a nominated beneficiary will receive a Grocery Benefit to the value of R 2 500 to assist with funeral costs.

Premium waiver: If the main member dies, cover will remain in place for other members on the policy for an additional 24 months. No further premiums will have to be paid during this time.

Transportation Benefit: If the main member passes away, a nominated beneficiary will receive a Transportation Benefit to the value of R 3 000 to assist with transportation costs for the funeral.

You can include the following family members on your 1Life Essential Funeral Plan policy:
One spouse. This is the person to whom the policyholder is legally married under South African law.

Up to four children. These are your or your spouse’s own children, legally adopted children or stepchildren who are under the age of 21 or under the age of 25 if a fulltime student at any tertiary educational institution.

The policyholder can cover up to 10 additional extended family members up to the age of 84 years. This includes additional spouses defined as above, grandparents and grandchildren of the policyholder or spouse, brothers, sisters, brothers-and sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins and children 21 years and older, and not studying.

Note: The policyholder must be a South African citizen aged 18 to 64 years

If the main member passes away, his or her first spouse can take over the premium payments on the policy and no new waiting periods or exclusions will apply. If there is no spouse, the option will revert to the oldest life assured on the policy that is aged between 18 and 64.

All claims are to be completed and submitted to 1Life for evaluation. The claimant must complete all relevant documentation required by 1Life within 30 days and all outstanding premiums on the policy will be deducted from the claim amount.

This policy has no cash or surrender value. You may not take a loan against this policy or cede this policy as security.

However, if you choose to add the Cash Back Bonus Top Up Benefit to your policy you will receive a cash bonus after 48 premiums have been paid. Your bonus is calculated at 6 times your average monthly premium.

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