Planning & retirement

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Planning & retirement
If you’ve received the porn scam email, don’t worry – it’s probably a hoax. But here’s what you should be doing to stay safe online anyway.


People are living longer and retiring with less. Here’s how to plan to earn an income when your full-time employment comes to an end.

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Death is a time of grief, but there are also practical matters to take care of like planning a funeral. We look at 12 things to do when a family member dies.

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Are you a saver or a spender? Do you embrace debt or avoid it at all costs? Take our quiz to get tailor-made advice for your financial personality type.

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Calculate your net worth by valuing your assets and liabilities for a snapshot of your financial health.

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Big events in our lives such as getting married, having a child or getting divorced can change our insurance needs. We show you how and what to plan for.

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We’ve got some ideas on how you can talk to and help your elderly parents plan for their future to make these years as stress free as possible.

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Scammers and fraudsters are out there, and they want your money! Here’s everything you need to know about five common scams that South Africans fall victim to.

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We look at what documents, plans and wills you need to have in place so that your loved ones and executor can carry out your wishes when you die.

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Violet, winner of the 1Life Financial Makeover, met with Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene one last time. They went over her finances and discussed the lessons she’s learnt.