Planning & retirement

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Planning & retirement
We look at what documents, plans and wills you need to have in place so that your loved ones and executor can carry out your wishes when you die.

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Violet, winner of the 1Life Financial Makeover, met with Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene one last time. They went over her finances and discussed the lessons she’s learnt.

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Now that the 1Life Financial Makeover winner has made good headway with paying back her debts, Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene advised her to think about the future.

Your policyholder rights and responsibilities

Ombuds’ offices resolve complaints fairly, without favour or prejudice, and at no cost to consumers. Know which Ombud deals with which complaint.

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Many South Africans who employ domestic workers do not have the proper conditions or contracts in place. Here’s how to make sure you are doing the right thing.

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Vision boards cut through the mental clutter and help you to focus on achieving your financial goals.

Sitting with financial advisor

5 things to consider when investing in tough economic times and 5 questions to ask your financial advisor in 2018 to make sure you get good financial advice

Dodge December debt

Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene met with 1Life Financial Makeover winner Violet for an update on her debt repayments. The holidays did not derail Violet’s dedication.

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Take control of your personal finances in the new year with this personal finance checklist. Review your budget, insurance and savings, and update your will.

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2018 could be an interesting year for South African consumers. We spoke to a financial expert about what to expect from our economy.