Planning & retirement

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Planning & retirement
Our Financial Makeover winner had her third meeting with Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene. Her journey to financial freedom has made her happier and healthier!

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Violet, the winner of the 1Life Financial Makeover, met for the second time with Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene, and learnt about the snowball method of tackling debt.

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Find out why you need a financial planner – and the factors you should consider when choosing one. For all the future holds, advice, planning, life

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Violet is the winner of our Win A Financial Makeover competition. Here’s what happened in her first session with Money Psychologist, Winnie Kunene.

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Women generally retire with less money than men. Here is practical advice to help women make sure they have enough money to retire well.

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When elderly parents can’t support themselves financially they may end up in your care. What are your options, and what are the costs to consider?

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When a couple divorces, they need to make sure that their life insurance still meets their needs and those of their children. Here’s how.

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South Africa’s recent downgrade to junk status will affect all of us. Here is how to make sure your finances keep you afloat.

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The recent WannaCry cyberattack that shut down IT systems around the world held a lesson for all of us. We cannot be complacent about cybersecurity.

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Yes, the future is uncertain –that’s why you need a plan that includes long and short-term insurance and an emergency fund.