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Some life insurance companies offer cash-back bonuses. Sounds like a great deal? There are some drawbacks.

couple sitting in new house with boxes

It’s not usually a good idea to go into debt, but there are some exceptions. Here’s how to identify which debts are good and which are bad.

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On 21 February, the Minister of Finance announced a one percentage increase in VAT to 15%. We take a look at how this will affect six items in your grocery basket.

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Opening a bank account for your child is a great way to teach them about spending and saving. We took a look at the offerings from four leading banks to help you decide.

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December can be expensive. We’ve identified four essential rules for a debt free month and savings tips for entertaining, shopping, gifts and holidays.

savings tips

Take a look at how much South Africans save, invest and manage their debt.

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We compared the prices and services of South Africa’s leading satellite and video-on-demand services to find out if you could make the jump.

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If you need to borrow money and a microlender is your only option, be sure to go into the deal with your eyes open.

hold onto your cover

Cancelling your life or disability cover in 2017 could put your family in jeopardy. Find out how you can hold on to your cover in 2017.

fixed deposits

Banks are offering interest rates of around 10.5% on fixed-term savings accounts. But is all that glitters really gold?