savings tips

Take a look at how much South Africans save, invest and manage their debt.

comparing tv

We compared the prices and services of South Africa’s leading satellite and video-on-demand services to find out if you could make the jump.

man sitting at desk looking worried

If you need to borrow money and a microlender is your only option, be sure to go into the deal with your eyes open.

hold onto your cover

Cancelling your life or disability cover in 2017 could put your family in jeopardy. Find out how you can hold on to your cover in 2017.

fixed deposits

Banks are offering interest rates of around 10.5% on fixed-term savings accounts. But is all that glitters really gold?

coins falling into hand

There are a number of life insurance products on the market that offer cash back after an extended period without claiming. Are the benefits worth it?

extra bond repayments thumbnail

Any extra money you pay into your bond will help to reduce the interest and the term.


Find out how much food has gone up by and what you can do about it.

Life insurance infographic thumbnail

If an investment opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here’s how to spot a pyramid scheme and keep your money safe.

Life insurance infographics thumbnail

Has December left you in debt? Here’s how to get rid of it – as quickly as possible!