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We show you three simple must-have financial calculations to help you manage your money well.

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Would finding out that you could pay R6 less for milk change your shopping habits? Find out which supermarket came out cheapest in our recent comparison.

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Learn more about the benefits of your 1Life life, All Woman and funeral insurance policies

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Some life insurance companies offer cash-back bonuses. Sounds like a great deal? There are some drawbacks.

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With 1Life Prepaid Funeral Plan you can benefit from funeral cover without a bank account or regular income! Find out more.

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We compared the prices and services of South Africa’s leading satellite and video-on-demand services to find out if you could make the jump.

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It’s not usually a good idea to go into debt, but there are some exceptions. Here’s how to identify which debts are good and which are bad.

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On 21 February, the Minister of Finance announced a one percentage increase in VAT to 15%. We take a look at how this will affect six items in your grocery basket.

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Opening a bank account for your child is a great way to teach them about spending and saving. We took a look at the offerings from four leading banks to help you decide.

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December can be expensive. We’ve identified four essential rules for a debt free month and savings tips for entertaining, shopping, gifts and holidays.