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Income tax
Tax-free savings accounts allow you to invest without paying tax on the growth, but not all tax-free savings accounts are the same. This is what you need to know.

more about tax returns

Is dealing with the tax man a terrifying and confusing process? Get tax-ready with these 10 tips that tell you how, why and where to pay your taxes.

calculator with letter blocks spelling out tax

Learn about the tax implications of your long-term insurance products, and what is taxable and what is tax deductible.

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If you’ve just started paying income tax, the system may seem complicated, but it’s less daunting than you think. Here’s an easy guide to taxes.

2016 budget speech

South Africans breathed a sigh of relief as no income tax increases were announced this year.

get the most out of tax

If you were lucky enough to get a tax refund this year, consider these ten ways of making the most out of it.

make new years tax resolutions

If you’re disorganised and your tax affairs are always in turmoil, then make a resolution now, for the new tax year, to keep track of your expenses.

be prepared for tax time

It’s time to start thinking about your tax again. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents and make your tax filing as painless as possible

Understand your taxes and save

How to save as much as possible on the tax you pay.