Car Ownership

car insurance

Car ownership
Just because you have vehicle insurance it does not mean that your claim will get paid out. Here are 10 reasons why your claim might be rejected.

car with bow on it

If you’re in the market for a vehicle, you’d be doing yourself a huge disfavour if you don’t at least consider buying used rather than new. Here’s why.

never buy a new car

If buying a second-hand car feels like a poor man’s option, think again. It’s actually one of the better financial decisions you can make. Here’s why.

read about leasing a car

Vehicle leasing can seem appealing for those who just can’t afford a car. But leasing a car will cost you significantly more in the long term.

buying a second hand car

Buying a second-hand car is always risky. This is what you need to know to buy the best car for the best price.

beware of car residuals

Buying a car? Here are the implications of a residual value and a payment holiday.