The future is an unknown place, and those children with a unique set of skills will be the happiest and most fulfilled. Here’s what they are and how to nurture them.

childhood cancer

The earlier childhood cancer is diagnosed, the better the child’s chances of recovery. Learn the symptoms.

Mother sitting on the floor with child on her lap

Parents everywhere worry about whether a sniffle or a sore throat warrants their child staying home from school. Here’s when to keep your child at home.

child obesity

The Healthy Active Kids Report Card shows that SA kids are increasingly overweight or obese. Here’s how to get them physically active.

animated kids waving in front of school

Don’t neglect your child’s health! Schedule these check-ups and vaccinations.

childrens screen time thumbnail

Screens are everywhere. They are a part of how our children play and learn. But there are still good reasons to limit the time kids spend staring at them.