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What you need to know about requesting a Life quote

Posted  November 8, 2012

1Lifedirect, South Africa's first truly direct life insurance provider, has harnessed the power of technology to put the simple back into life insurance.

Did you know that you can request a quote or buy Pure Life Cover from 1Lifedirect via our call centre, website or mobi site?

If you would like to request a Pure Life Cover quote via our call centre, web or mobi site, please note that you will need to have the following information at hand:

  • Your height and weight
  • How much life cover you would like to buy: to calculate your life insurance requirements you can make use of the insurance calculator on our website, speak to your financial advisor or contact 1Lifedirect Advisory Services on 0860 10 53 40
  • Your postal address including your postal code
  • Name, second name and ID number of your policy beneficiaries, i.e. the individual/s that will receive your life insurance payout in the event of your death
  • Your banking details, including your branch code

The same requirements apply if you would like to request a quote for Disablement Cover or Dread Disease Cover via our call-centre. Pure Life Cover from 1Lifedirect pays out from R50 000 to R6 million life cover to the beneficiaries of your policy in the event of your death. It includes a R25 000 funeral benefit and a terminal illness benefit that pays out your cover amount if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have a life expectancy of less than 12 months. Contact our call centre today on 0860 10 53 40 or visit our website or mobi site for a quote or to buy the cover you need.

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