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1Life launches new TV advertisements

Posted  August 15, 2013

A young man can attend flight school thanks to his grandfather’s life insurance policy. A young woman’s wedding is paid for by her father’s life insurance policy, even though he was not there to walk her down the aisle. These are some of the stories behind the new series of TV advertisements created by 1Life, together with advertising agency House of Brave. 

With 1Life you can afford to leave a legacy that will change the lives of your loved ones long after you are gone. This was the message driven home by each of the new advertisements. Whether you are a grandfather who wants to make sure that your grandchildren are given an opportunity to follow their dreams, or a father who wants to give his children the happiness they deserve, you know that you are doing the best you can for your family with life, dread and disability insurance. This is how it works:

Life CoverA life insurance policy will pay a lump sum to the beneficiaries of the policy. These funds can be used to pay for education, medical expenses and to cover living expenses. Your life insurance policy will replace the salary that you earned every month and give your family the funds they need to survive and even flourish without you, contributing perhaps towards a university education, wedding costs, or a deposit on a new home.

Dread Disease CoverDread disease cover pays out if you are ever diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer. It gives you the funds you need to cover medical expenses not paid by your medical aid and will also pay basic living expenses while you are recovering. With dread disease cover you know that your family is protected against the financial fall-out of serious illness.

Disability insuranceYour family relies on the income that you earn. Can you imagine the day that you are unable to work due to illness or injury? Your disability insurance policy will pay-out if you are ever unable to work to earn the income that your family needs to survive.

With life, dread and disability insurance you have the power to change your family’s life. By investing in the insurance that you need, you not only ensure that your family is always protected and cared for, but that they will flourish and live the lives you always dreamed they would.

Watch the new 1Life TV advertisements.

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