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Our new TV commercials!

Posted  August 28, 2014

1Life has created a new campaign to bring our ethos of 'changing lives' to the forefront of South African’s minds and showcase our financial solutions.

Aimed at changing the way South Africans see long-term insurance, the campaign entitled “Thank You” tells the stories of three different families. Each is connected by the provision that was left by the 1Life policyholder to their loved ones, ensuring they were financially secure, even though life impacting events occurred. 

The adverts are emotive, inspiring and heart-warming and portray how 1Life’s products can ensure that the future of our clients and their loved ones can be financially secured should something happen. Through this campaign we hope to bring to life what 'changing lives' truly means where making the choice today, you have the ability to financially secure your loved ones futures, when you are no longer around. 

Raising LeanneA widowed father raises his daughter from a young age.

School DaysA boy’s mother ensured he would always be able to follow his dreams.

New BabyExcited newlyweds expecting their first child.

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