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Update your funeral policy in 3 easy steps

8 September 2023
2 minute read
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It is springtime, a time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Let’s kick off on a positive note by getting your finances in order! Review your budget, financial goals and plans as well as your will and your insurance policies. We show you how to update your 1Life Funeral Cover policy.

Do it online or WhatsApp

Policy reviews are quick and easy using our self-service tools. You can use the online policyholder service portal or WhatsApp service centre to review and update the details below and download your policyholder schedule. Let’s get started.

1. Check and update policy details

Update your personal details

You are the policy’s main member. Check your personal details including your:

  • Full name
  • ID number
  • Contact details

Check the beneficiary details

The beneficiary receives the pay-out when you, the main member, pass away and your family celebrates your life with a respectable funeral. Make sure the policy beneficiary’s details are correct and up to date including his or her full name, ID number and contact details.

If you've got a question our client services consultants are here to help. Leave your details and we will call you back.

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Review and update policy member details

Cover the ones you love. Make sure all the details for the family members covered on your policy are accurate, including:

  • Full name
  • ID number
  • Contact details
  • Relationship to main member

Give our client services team a call on 0860 10 51 94 if you want to add family members to your policy. You can cover up to 16 family members for up to R50 000 each including 2 spouses, up to 5 children (up to the age of 21) and 9 extended family members including 2 parents and 2 in-laws

2. Review cover amounts

This is important. Check that the sum assured is sufficient for each member. Take the time to check if child members need or qualify for a higher sum assured, for example while children under 6 are only covered for up to R20 000, children over 6 qualify for up to R50 000 cover.

3. And lastly, your premium

Check your premium details including:

  • Premium amount
  • Debit order date
  • Bank account details

Include your premium amount in your budget, and make sure it is affordable. Contact us if you are worried about affordability or if you have missed a payment.

Top tip: You can also view and pay outstanding premiums on the online policyholder portal.

Don’t forget about waiting periods

There is no waiting period for accidental death, and cover for you and your family members begins immediately upon commencement of the policy. For natural death, a 6-month (6 premiums) waiting period applies. New waiting periods also apply when a new member is added and when the sum assured is increased.

Need to make changes or update your policy?

Schedule another review

You should review your policy annually and if there is a significant life change, such as if you get married, get a new job, have a baby or adopt a child. Remember to schedule an annual review of your policy next year.

Done and dusted!

Completed your review? Fantastic! With a budget, financial goals and plans in place and your 1Life policies up to date, you and your family are ready for the new year!

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