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A new name, bigger promise & the same great products

Posted  December 12, 2012

In the human lifecycle, at different stages in our life, we change. We change our needs, wants and of course our outlook. This is no different for our company.  As our business is centred on life and as we have matured over the years, we recognised a need to change too. But, importantly, our change is focused on you.

When we launched into the market as the first direct life insurance company in 2006, we demystified life insurance and made it pure and simple. Over the years, we have continuously looked for opportunities to grow our product offering and provide you with multiple product offerings that will meet your needs and add value to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

We always pride ourselves on delivering financial solutions that are simple, convenient and affordable. In fact, these attributes are so intrinsic and core to our DNA that living by them inspired us to focus on changing lives. The transition from ‘pure and simple’ to ‘changing lives’ has led us to extend our offering to include investments – through 1LifeInvest - and earlier this year we also launched 1Lifefuneral. We have now progress into a much larger brand structure, where the 1Lifedirect brand has shifted and is set to change to 1Life, which will be viewed as an umbrella brand for our different products offerings and services.

This, however, doesn’t impact our existing product offerings at all. In fact 1Lifedirect remains our insurance product line along with 1Lifefuneral and 1LifeInvest, put simply, from December 2012 all these product brands will now merely fall under 1Life – one name and brand for your all financial solutions. The decision to refresh our brand was driven by making it more aligned to the financial solutions we offer. We believe that financial solutions should change your life and not just the situation you are in. That is why we now offer simple financial solutions that progress with you through your life.

Our aim has always been to provide a portfolio of products tailored to your needs and life stage. We therefore remain committed to, and passionate about, developing uncomplicated and hassle-free financial solutions so you can focus on what is most important to you – enjoying your life – knowing that your investment growth opportunities and/or the needs of your loved ones will always be taken care of.

With this, we continue to focus on providing clients with flexibility and efficiency. We want you to be able to access financial solutions at a place and time convenient for you and through your preferred channel of choice, be it, via the telephone, email, Internet or mobile phone. There is no denying that life is not a constant, it is forever changing and your needs and risks change as your life does. This is why we are passionate about your life, understanding it and assisting you on what’s most important – enjoying the life you are living.

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