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Your 1Lifedirect life insurance T&Cs explained

22 August 2012
2 minute read

My 1Life Policy

As the proud owner of a 1Lifedirect life insurance policy it is essential that you understand the Terms & Conditions of your policy, as detailed in your Policy Book. This article will explain some of the more important Terms & Conditions to you, but make sure that you have read and understood the full list. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on 0860 10 53 15.

Contract of Insurance

You are insured with 1Lifedirect according to the terms detailed in your Policy Schedule. Be sure to read your policy schedule carefully, double check all the details in the document and contact us if you have any questions.

Contract Duration

Your insurance commences on the commencement date in your policy schedule but only if your first pre-mium has been paid!

Yearly Increase

As a 1Lifedirect Elevated cover policyholder your premiums will stay the same for the first two years. After two years they will automatically increase by 5% every year on the anniversary of your policy. 1Lifedirect Basic cover premiums stay the same for the duration of the policy.

Five-yearly Adjustment

Every five years we will review and if necessary increase premiums for all policies. The first five-yearly increase is guaranteed not to exceed 15%.


You can cancel your policy during a so-called cooling-off period. This period is defined as 31 days from the day that you receive your policy documents, which we assume would have been delivered to you within fourteen days of the dispatch date. Any premiums that you might have paid to us will be refunded to you minus costs incurred by the insurer.


If you do not pay your premiums within 30 days after your payment date your policy will be cancelled. You will find your payment date in your Policy Schedule. You may phone us to reinstate your policy.

Important Claims Time Limits

Claims for death benefits must be submitted within six months of the death of the insured person. To submit a dread disease or disability claim you must notify us within three months of the occurrence of the event that gives rise to your claim.

Disputed Claims

If you would like to dispute a decision we make on a claim you have 90 days in which to do so.

Continuity of Cover 

We reserve the right to make changes to your policy terms and conditions, your benefit amounts and/or your premiums if one of the following events occurs in your life:

  • You start smoking
  • You change your job
  • You go outside of SA for over 14 days, or change your country of residence
  • You take up or increase your participation in a hazardous pursuit

Keep us informed of any of the above so that we can make the necessary changes to your policy, if any. If you do not inform us, your claims could be reduced or even rejected.

True and Complete Information

It is essential that you do not withhold any information when applying for life insurance. If we find at any stage that the information supplied to us was incorrect or incomplete we reserve the right to reduce or reject claims or even cancel the policy.

Fraudulent Acts

Your policy will be cancelled and any claims rejected if an insurer finds that you attempted to commit fraud (lying, deceit etc.) or if you provided false information. This condition applies whether or not the fraud was with 1Lifedirect or any other company in the industry.

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