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Wills and estate benefit

Did you know that if you die without a valid will, your loved ones could wait years to inherit? In fact, they may not inherit at all! Without a valid will your estate will be distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act, which means it could be divided among your surviving spouse, children, parents or even siblings. This can take months, often years to finalise, leaving your family without access to funds and assets such as a home.

With Truth About Money and Law For All’s Wills & Estate Benefit you can ensure that you and your spouse have legally drafted, enforceable Wills so that your assets are distributed after death as quickly as possible.

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What does this benefit offer?

  • Drafting or amending a will for you and your spouse
  • Assistance with the winding up of your estate (paying all debts and distributing assets to your heirs)
  • A 35% discount on transfer and bond registration fees if the transferring attorney is appointed by Law For All, for example when transferring the family home into the surviving spouse’s name
  • 24-hour legal advice to your next of kin for up to 12 months after your passing
  • Assistance with resolving any dispute with the deceased estate and/or will for up to 12 months (from the date of death)

Apply for the Wills & Estate Benefit if:

  • You don’t have a valid will and don’t know how to draw one up
  • You want your family and/or friends to inherit your assets and investments
  • You want to ensure that your estate is settled quickly and fairly

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