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FAQ - 1Life Prepaid

It is a funeral policy valid for 30 days at a time.

The product price is either R35, R60 or R90 and the value corresponds to the level of cover a client wants.

The beneficiary will receive the amount selected: of either R5 000 (the benefit for R35 per month), R10 000 (the benefit for R60 per month) or R15 000 (the benefit for R90 per month), paid into their bank account, within 48 hours of receiving all the relevant documentation upon the passing of the main member.

The member is covered immediately after the first payment is received for accidental death. We will need 6 continuous payments and 6 months to pass in order for there to be a pay-out for a natural death.

Accidental death is any death due to an accident such as a car accident, hijacking or through a violent crime.

The product is purchased as a voucher from a vendor or retailer via a Point of Sale (POS) system.

It is a unique 16 digit pin printed on a till slip with terms and conditions at the base.

A South African citizen aged between 18 years and 65 years.

Once a voucher is purchased, you will use your cell phone to register and activate the policy using the pin through the automated USSD process, by dialling: *120*3937#. You can also use this number to check the details of your policy.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology that allows users to access various services through the use of short codes. It usually consists of a number that starts with * and ends with #. PayAsYouGo clients often use USSD codes to load airtime.

Yes. Throughout the registration process, you will be loading your information.

You are given a number of opportunities during registration to confirm that we have your correct information. This will allow you the opportunity to correct errors, if you need to. You can change your information at any time using USSD self-help.

No, the pin can be activated at any time within 3 years of purchasing it for your convenience. Each voucher can only be used once. If you want to top-up, you need to purchase an additional voucher.

No, the Prepaid funeral policy is only available to the main member. Spouses and additional members may take out their own prepaid funeral policy. You may buy them a pin and they may activate their own policy.

No, the Prepaid funeral policy is paid for at the cashier/vendor and activated via USSD so no debit order details are given. 

No, the Prepaid funeral policy is paid for at the cashier/vendor and activated via USSD so No, there is no need to worry about unwanted deductions or unpaid fees on your account because the Prepaid funeral policy is paid for at the cashier/vendor and activated via USSD so we do not have your debit order details and cannot deduct monies without your debit order details are given.

The person that you have selected as your beneficiary will have the money transferred to their bank account once a claim has been made and all the relevant documentation received.

You can add your beneficiary by dialling *120*3937# and selecting option 2 (My Policy). You can then select option 1 (Update/View my Beneficiary). The system will guide you through the process. You will receive an SMS reminder if you have not added a beneficiary. You may only add one beneficiary on your policy.

The 1LIfe Prepaid Funeral policy only allows you to have one beneficiary on your policy.

The 1Life Prepaid Funeral policy can only cover you. Spouses and additional members may take out their own prepaid funeral policy. You may buy them a pin and they may activate their own policy.

You can check (and change) policy details by dialling *121*15433#, and following the prompts.

No, each voucher can only be used once. In order to top-up you must buy another voucher and get a new unique pin.

The policy only comes into force once you have activated your voucher using the pin.  If the policy is not in place there is no cover. It is for this reason that it is advisable that you redeem your voucher immediately following your purchase.

Each time you purchase and redeem a voucher you are covered for 30 days. For example if you redeem on the 10th of the month you will be covered until the 10th of the next month.

You may select to purchase a voucher with higher funeral cover at any time. If you buy the same cover amount your cover will not increase. If you select a higher cover amount you will need to pay 6 premiums for the higher cover before you qualify for the increased amount. The voucher that you bought entitles you to one month’s cover from your next premium due date, which would have been communicated to you via SMS.

No, even if you purchase and redeem both vouchers the one voucher will be held for you for the next 30 day period.

Redeeming 6 vouchers will not remove the waiting period, you will still need to pass 6 months.

You can purchase and redeem a voucher from the retail provider every month and activate your pin in order to ensure that you have continuous cover. You will stay covered for as long as you purchase and redeem a voucher.

Once your policy is activated you will be sent reminder SMS messages to ensure that you don’t forget to buy your vouchers. We will send a reminder two weeks before you need to buy a voucher and again one week before.

You will be sent a reminder message two weeks before you need to buy your next pin and again a week before. We will also send an SMS two days after if we can see that there has been no payment made.

Your beneficiary can contact 1Life on 0861 10 00 60 to claim. Your beneficiary will at least need to supply the deceased member’s ID and proof of banking details and their ID when making the claim.

When you top-up we will identify you and we will automatically record your new cell phone number.

As long as the pin has not been activated, the value can be converted to airtime.

Airtime that may be redeemed is redeemed with a 25% administration fee deduction from the initial value purchased.

You will receive a refund less 25% administration fee of the redeemed voucher’s value.

Your PIN number would not work if it has already been used, or if the PIN number you typed was typed incorrectly.

This means that the PIN number you have has already been redeemed. It could either be because:

  • You have already redeemed it on your policy.
  • The PIN has been used by someone else.

Your ID number would be invalid if it is not recognised by the bureau of if the ID number you typed in was typed incorrectly.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer cover to an ID number registered as deceased by the Office of Home Affairs. You will need to contact them directly on 0800 60 11 90.

The 1Life Prepaid Funeral policy can only cover clients between 18 and 65 years of age. If you are younger than 18 or older than 65, and you have bought a voucher, you can convert your voucher to prepaid airtime. You will be presented with this option when you enter your ID number after dialling *120*15433*(16 digit PIN Number)#.

The system would have identified that the ID number concerned has one of the following issues: it has been identified as an invalid ID number.

The 1Life Prepaid Funeral Plan is only available to South African Citizens. Your prepaid voucher will be converted to airtime if the ID number provided is not South African.

1Life, following permission from you, draws your personal information directly from the Data Bureau. If you find that the information we collect is not up to date, you can update your policy by dialling *120*15433# and by entering your ID number. You can also contact our Admin department on 0861 08 88 00.

All information regarding your policy is available and accessible by dialling *120*15433# and by selecting option(s) 2 & 3 regarding your policy and the Terms and Conditions.

However, we can also send you a printed copy of your policy, if you require. You would need to contact us on 0861 08 88 00 to confirm your email or postal address.

When you first registered your policy, you would have received an SMS with your policy number. You can verify your policy number by dialling *120*15433#I or contacting 0861 08 88 00.

If you don’t pay any more premiums, your policy will automatically cancel. However, if you would like to cancel in your first month, 1Life can refund your premium into your bank account.

You may not have received your SMS if you changed cell numbers.

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