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Pulse Life Cover

Make better lifestyle choices and earn up to R16 230 additional life cover a month

With 1Life Pulse Life Cover small lifestyle changes equal big rewards. You can earn up to R500 000 additional cover over two years when you get cover starting from R1 000 000.*

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*1Life Pulse is an optional benefit available from R165 a month. Ts and Cs apply.

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Why 1Life Pulse Life Cover?

Instant bonus cover

Between R50 000 and R125 000 bonus cover when you sign up.

Smart watch

Choose to get a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 to track your progress.

You’re covered with just 1 call

Get up to R10 million life cover immediately with just 1 simple call and no paperwork.

No waiting periods

You are covered immediately for accidental and natural death and COVID-19 related complications.

Fixed premiums

No increases, guaranteed, for the first 12 months.

COVID-19 App

Free subscription to the LifeQ COVID-19 screening app included.

1Life Pulse Life Cover is a whole new way of doing life insurance from SA’s #1 Direct Life Insurer

Pulse Life Cover FAQs

Your family can use your life insurance pay-out to survive the loss of your income and provide them with the financial protection they need to live the life you’ve always planned for them. A lump sum pay-out can be used to cover daily living expenses, medical bills and school fees, or to pay off debts, like your house or cars. Your family can also use your pay-out to start building generational wealth by saving and investing for their future and their children’s future. 

Anyone who has people who rely on them for financial support needs the protection and peace of mind of life insurance. If your income supports a spouse, children or extended family and elderly parents, and they would not be able to support themselves if you passed away, then you need a life cover policy. Your life insurance pay-out will make sure that your loved ones can meet their monthly living expenses, repay debt, pay off the bond on the family home or cover school fees and medical bills.

1Life Pulse Life Cover is not an insurance rewards programme. To earn additional life cover of up to R16 230 per month you simply need to make better lifestyle choices about your sleep, heart, activity and fitness. Learn more about 1Life Pulse Life Cover, including how bonus cover is calculated.

Your policy includes bonus cover of up to R125 000 when you sign up. Plus choose to get a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 to track your progress.

To assist with funeral expenses, 1Life Pulse Life Cover also includes a R50 000 Pay Now funeral benefit!

Act on the recommendations given by the VeoSens app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 . You don’t have to be an athlete to grow your cover. Small changes like increasing physical activity, following a healthy diet, losing excess body fat, reducing stress and getting 7-8 hours’ sleep a night will increase your sum assured monthly.

The bonus is earned according to a predetermined formula and depends on your engagement and health scores – each contributing 50% of the bonus.

For the engagement element, if the device is worn at least 20 days per month, the full bonus for this component is given (50% is given if it is worn for at least 15 days). Total monthly potential engagement bonus is R8 160, depending on cover taken.

The health score is made up of sleep, activity, fitness and heart scores. Each component carries equal weight and is evaluated and allocated a bonus separately.

The LifeQ COVID-19 Screening App, which must be used in conjunction with your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and the VeoSens Health Management app, uses a combination of physiological monitoring and user feedback to provide you with an early indication of changes in your health. This means you can make informed decisions and get tested for the virus as well as choose to self-isolate to protect your loved ones and colleagues.

Read the onboarding guide and these frequently asked questions for more information on how to register for and use the app as well as interpret your screening status. If you are having any issues with registration or using the app, please contact [email protected].

You do not have to be a member of a gym to earn additional cover. Your health score includes a fitness element, but it is not specific to a gym membership.

If you need support please read this user manualwatch our video on how to get started with 1Life Pulse or contact the client services team on 0860 10 53 40 or [email protected].

Generational wealth is family assets like money or property that is passed from one generation to the next. Each generation not only benefits from generational wealth but also grows it and passes it on to the next generation. This blog explains generational wealth in more detail and discusses why it is so important, not only for you, your children and theirs, but for the whole country.

Defining generational wealth is easy, building it requires planning and dedication! You should focus on saving and investing wisely, paying off the bond on a home that you can leave to your children, starting a side hustle to generate extra income for future generations and of course ensuring that you have sufficient life cover. Follow the link for more advice on the best way to build generational wealth.

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At 1Life Insurance, we know that insurance changes lives. It pays the school fees when mom is ill and can’t work and pays off the house when dad passes away. We believe that all South Africans deserve peace of mind and financial protection against illness, disability and death. Call us to find out which of 1Life’s affordable, simple and convenient products is right for you.

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